Ceiling Fan VS Tower Fan


The ceiling fan is the most helpful discovery of the time. It is not only crucial for the home; fans are available everywhere. For the fans' purpose, not only ceiling fans are available. There are numerous types in the market, like pedestal fans, tower fans, bladeless ceilings and many more. Tower and pedestal fans are known as standing fans, but they're not the same. Ceiling fans mounted on the ceiling have different blades, providing air in the room. But pedestal fans provide more air as compared to tower fans.   

On the other hand, a tower fan is tall or like a tower, and it is attached to a base and moves on that base. It is also used for cooling purposes.

Ceiling Fan VS Tower Fan Ceilingfan
Ceiling Fan VS Tower Fan Towerfan

Ceiling fan  

The ceiling fan is connected to the electric motor, and the ceiling fan spreads the cool air in the room or outdoor area. It provides cool air, and some ceiling fans perform reversibly and give hot air.

Pros of the Ceiling Fans:

  • A good airflow.
  • Bright Lighting
  • Better to use for significant places.  

Cons of the Ceiling Fans:

  • Pricey 
  • Need Maintenance

Tower fan  

A tower fan is like a tower with a rotating base. It consists of rotor blades and an air blower. A small size inlet allows it to come in the air and then blow out the air at 90 degrees angle. The air will come out from the tower fan's height.   

Pros of the Tower Fans:

  • Consumes less space 
  • Easy to afford 
  • Moveable  

Cons of  the Tower Fans:

  • Low airflow 
  • Noisy

Working Mechanism of Ceiling Fan and Tower Fan

Placement and the Use  

The ceiling fan can be placed in the room, terrace, porch, dining room, and ceiling. But the tower fans have an advantage due to their small footprints, and they can be placed everywhere, like on the table, on the floor and on the bed's side table.   

A ceiling fan provides the air in the entire room or the complete area and can maintain the temperature of the whole area. The tower fan doesn't give atmosphere to the full site but provides air to a specific place. It is the best fan for reading purposes and working purposes.   


Smart ceiling fans and intelligent tower fans are available in the market. Both can control with the help of the remote and with the help of an App also. Both have 3 to 4-speed modes to control. The LED light of the tower fan is visible on its screen, whereas the LED light of the ceiling fan enlightens the room lightly, and one can even sleep under this light easily.   


The ceiling fan's installation procedure is more time-consuming than tower fans. The tower fan can place easily; the only thing requiring control. The tower fan can perform smoothly by control. Some ceiling fans need professional installation, and some installations are DIY, whereas tower fans are quick to place and save the installation trouble.   

Electricity Consumption 

Tower fans consume less electricity and save much energy compared to ceiling fans. Ceiling fans consume considerable amounts of power in the form of electricity. If someone has a tight budget, it is challenging to afford electricity.   


In the case of maintenance, ceiling fan maintenance is complex due to neck stretching and hard work. The tower fan needs a few minutes only to get clean. Tower fans mostly come with dust fillers, but they require less maintenance and are straightforward to maintain because of their small size.   


Fan is a great invention. Both fans, ceiling and tower are helpful and perform the same function, but they are due to working mechanisms. Ceiling fans are preferable for large areas and give high airflow to cool down the space. Tower fans are suitable for small places, but they are effortless to move from one place to another location. Tower fans are like the tower; they are affordable and consume less electricity. Tower fans look best on the tables and side tables for reading purposes, and the individual can get enough air. The ceiling fan's intelligent features are almost the same as the tower fan's smart features, but the ceiling fan's lighting feature is brighter than a tower fan. It can minimize the use of light in the room.

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