Ceiling Fan VS Standing Fan

Comparison Between Ceiling Fan and Standing Fan

Ceiling Fan 

Indoor ceiling fans are operated for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, and outdoor ceiling fans are for porches, terraces and outside places. As the name presents, ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling and consist of different blades like three, five, eight, twelve and so on. The electric motor controls the functioning, and the ceiling fan circulates the air thoroughly in the entire room.

Ceiling Fan VS Standing Fan ceilingfan

Standing Fan 

Standing fans are used for cooling purposes and are also known as traditional ceiling fans. The standing fan cannot be installed on the ceiling, and the pole is attached to the base; the pole is adjustable. It is easy to adjust the height of the standing fan. The throw of the air of the ceiling fan is downward, and the standing fan air throw is outward. Mainly three-speed modes are available in the standing fan. 

Ceiling Fan VS Standing Fan standingfan

Importance of the Fan 

As with the change in the temperature, fans are part of every room. Fans decrease the humidity and also temperature of the place. Ceiling fans are also helpful in the winter as they provide hot air. Standing fan works as ventilation, and if placed in front of the window, they will catch the fresh air and cool down the environment.   

Ceiling fan VS standing fan Importance of fan things to consider when buying a fan
  • Energy Utilization 

Energy utilization of the products matters a lot. It is noticed that ceiling fans consume energy, whereas standing fans conserve energy. It means standing fans are free of high electricity bills. Due to technology, in the market now, ceiling fans are available with DC motors which consume less energy, and these fans are energy efficient. After the latest models of ceiling fans, the energy difference between both fans is minimal, so the buyer chooses any fan according to the need.   

  • Air Movement 

The standing fan is a better way to get air in a fixed space. The ceiling fan provides more air movement at a reasonable speed compared to the standing fan. If the room is small and the space is tight, the preferable choice is a standing fan, but if the area is large, the ceiling fan is a good option.   

  • Maintenance 

Maintenance is compulsory in the case of both fans. Different dusters are available for cleaning, but ceiling fan maintenance needs neck stretching for a bit of time. In the case of the standing fan, the neck work is less. Standing fan maintenance requires opening the frame or grill, and then the blades can be cleaned. Bladeless ceiling fans are also available in the market, which is most convenient in the case of maintenance.   

  • Size of the Fan 

The ceiling fan is mounted on the ceiling, and it will not consume the place on the floor. Some people want their floor empty because it can disturb the design and decoration, so a ceiling fan is a good option for them. But some people like a movable fan, so they can move it from one room to another, so for this purpose standing fan is better to consider.   

  • Style and Variety 

Style and variety should be the buyer's priority because they enhance the home's beauty and worth. Standing fans come along the remote-control system but can also control through the wall switch. Unlike ancient times, different varieties and styles are available in the standing fan. In the case of ceiling fans, many styles are in trend, like ceiling fans with lights, dim light features, and intelligent fans that can also connect to the mobile phone App. Different style variations help to select the right ceiling fan according to the home. 

  • Cost 

Ceiling fans are pricey; on the other hand, standing fans are affordable, and anyone can buy standing fans according to their budget because they are available in many price ranges. The ceiling fan features are directly proportional to the price; more features, so more price.   

  • Installation 

The installation procedure of the standing fan is more accessible than the ceiling fan. Some ceiling fans require professional installation, but standing fans do not need any professional installation, and they’re handy.   

  • Aesthetic Appearance 

Regarding aesthetics, ceiling fans are dominant in this regard because of their functioning and appearance and due to numerous colors and finish availability. Standing fans are well-functioning but do not aesthetically beat the ceiling fans.   

  • Noise  

As standing fans provide air, it is easily observed that standing fans produce more noise than ceiling fans. Ceiling fans perform quietly and allow them to sleep peacefully. Standing fans create a little bit of noise during the performance.   

  • Smart Features  

Ceiling fans are available with smart features, but standing fans are not available. Due to smart ceiling fans and technology, it is possible to control the ceiling fans out of the room with the help of a mobile. Standing fans are not available with intelligent technology.   


The ceiling has many advantages and disadvantages, and standing fans are available. As the installation of the standing fan is easy, they are affordable compared to ceiling fans. Like this, ceiling fans are aesthetically beautiful and provide more air than standing fans.

Choosing the fan according to the need and requirements is better. If someone is looking for a designed fan and good airflow, that person must go for the ceiling fan, and if someone is looking for an affordable fan, the standing fan is a better option. Moreover, ceiling fans come with intelligent features like lighting and temperature control, and it is impossible to connect ceiling fans with Wi-Fi and mobile.

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