Ceiling Fans under $100

Are you having $100 and about to place something beautiful and decorative in your home or office? So the best option is purchasing a ceiling fan, and there are many fans present at the bands under this price, which is cost-efficient and energy-efficient. You can make your home attractive and can decorate or make your home productive by spending a little money and can use the remaining money for other things. The lighting, chain-pull, beautiful finishing, and many more options are available. It is a fascinating opportunity for the buyers.

Reviews of Ceiling Fans under $100

1. Best Overall

Portage Bay 50251 Hugger 52 Matte Black West Hill Ceiling Fan with Bowl Light Kit
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Size: 52 inches
  • Material: Metal

In this epoch of technology, it is not possible to purchase everything. So the Portage Bay brand offers a ceiling fan 52 inches under 100$, and it is an affordable product for the buyers. The five blades of this product are matte black, and it is that type of fan you can easily install on the low ceiling. The light is present in the frosted glass, and the airflow of this ceiling fan is fantastic, and you can change the direction of airflow according to the weather. This brand is giving a lifetime warranty for the customers.

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  • The installation is easy.
  • This fan is such a relief from tension.
  • The airflow is excellent.
  • The fan starts to produce a humming sound after some time.

2. Runner Up

Hunter Fan Company 51059 Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control, 42 , White Finish
  • Available in White Finish color
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Size: 42 inches
  • Material: Metal

The Hunter Fan company is well known for the customers' necessities and allows buying a perfect ceiling fan within the range of 100$, and it is 42 inches in size and perfect for moderate rooms. It s soft white and smooth in the working, and it has zero noise. The pull chain system is very fast in working, and you can maintain the speed of the ceiling fan, and the brand assures you about the excellent quality of the ceiling fan. Due to high duty, the motor is superior in performance and can defeat the other ceiling fans.

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  • The installation is straightforward.
  • This fan looks smooth.
  • The airflow is greater than the size.
  • It isn't quiet.
  • It is not durable.

3. Best Black Option

Westinghouse Lighting 7221500 Alloy Ceiling Fan, 42 Inch
  • Available in Black color
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Size: 42 inches
  • Material: MDF 

If you have 100$ and want to purchase a reasonable fan so you can visit the Westinghouse Lighting brand, they're in a market with an alloy ceiling fan, and it is 42 inches product. The MDF material is very durable; this ceiling fan is perfect for small rooms. The gunmetal fan finishing and the graphite blades look attractive. Do not worry about the fan's performance and noise; it is super quiet, like pin-drop silence with good airflow. Who wants not to purchase a fan with a lifetime motor warranty?

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  • It is straightforward in the installation.
  • It doesn’t produce any humming sound.
  • The look is beautiful.
  • The remote is absent.

4. Best for Small Bedrooms

Prominence Home 51015 Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan, 42 , Bronze
  • Available in Bronze color
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Size: 42 inches
  • Material: Bronze

The prominence home brand surprises everyone by offering a perfect ceiling fan and the pull chain system for under $100. It is beautiful with three blades, and the LED light is also present under the frosted glass. It is impossible to get all these features within such an average amount, and you can install this fan in your home without any difficulty. The blade's finishing is excellent, and you can mount this fan with two different procedures according to your ease. The motor performs well, and the base socket is secure to place.

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  • This fan is speechless.
  • The quality is outstanding.
  • The airflow is perfect.
  • The light is not bright.

5. Best for Outdoor Areas

Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Five Damp Rated Blades, Exterior, Bronze
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Size: 52 inches
  • Material: Metal / Wood Product  

Are you a dark lover? Want to purchase an oil-rubbed bronze ceiling fan for under $100? So please don’t delay and visit the Honeywell ceiling company and buy a ceiling fan in matte black with five blades, and it is 52 inches in size. This ceiling fan can make anyone speechless, and the pull chain system plays an essential role in conserving your time and your energy. Do not feel stressed and control this fantastic product by sitting in your place. The oil-rubbed bronze looks like a dark black color, and it increases the appearance and the worth of your home.

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  • The hardware is solid.
  • It has a complete mounting package with extra screws.
  • It is good for the budget ceiling fan.
  • The blades are made of plastic material.
  • The installation is challenging. 


Everyone wants to purchase the ceiling fan within a budget list and can’t afford expensive ceiling fans, so the brands are offering the ceiling fans under $100, and in this amount, you can purchase the product of your choice and with perfect color and along with many features. Can you imagine you can get a ceiling fan with a remote system for under just $100? So now everything is possible and convenient with all installation package, and the airflow is excellent. It can make the room calm within a few seconds. The instructions are present, and you can follow those instructions and make your home beautiful.

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