7 Best Kichler Ceiling Fans Reviews of 2024

Kichler ceiling fans are like a bright, shining light that brings everyone together. For the past 80 years, our customers have been there to help us improvise. It all began back in 1938 and here into becoming a global brand today: and it's because of them. They're always able to share their experiences with friends and family - but thanks to Kichler, they can now do this while basking under one of our beautiful lights without having all these people over at once.

We have developed the recommendation list of Kichler ceiling fans where you will see all sorts of features and the ultimate quality. Let's read it out.

Kichler Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Best Overall: with Remote

Kichler 330150OZ 34 Inch Sola Ceiling Fan LED, 3 Speed Wall Control, Olde Bronze Finish with Olde Bronze Blades.
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Controller Type: Wall Control
  • Air Flow Capacity: 4078 CFM
  • Size: 34", 44" and 54"

Kichler Sola fan is a 34 inch ceiling-mounted, LED light fixture that comes with three speeds. This product has an Olde Bronze finish and features old bronze blades in its design. The Kichler 330150OZ can be hardwired or plugged into the wall outlet for electricity supply from 100 to 120 volts AC only; it cannot take any other voltage levels, so please check your power before purchasing if you are unsure of what type of wiring system you have at home.

With Olde Bronze finish blades that are equally beautiful on both sides of this fan, there's never been more variety in ceiling fans than now. It also comes with the Kichler ceiling fan remote. 

2. Runner Up: Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Kichler 300103WH 30-Inch Canfield Fan, White
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Controller Type: Pull Chain
  • Air Flow Capacity: ‎2266 CFM
  • Size: 34", 44" and 52"

Step outside on a hot summer day, and you'll be greeted by the cool breeze of this Kichler fan. The Canfield 30-inch ceiling-mounted Fan, with its 15-inch height x 30-inch width (measuring in at only 14.8 pounds), will turn your room into an air-conditioned escape from the heat with just one long push of a button. 

This small but powerful machine is perfect for those with limited space or who live under low ceilings without attic access like condos and apartments do. It doesn't require additional wiring to operate - simply plug it in once installed. It also comes complete with remote control compatibility so that everything can be controlled wirelessly using any device within range, as well as a White paint finish to match decor styles. It falls in the category of Kichler outdoor ceiling fans. 

3. Best Black Option

KICHLER 330025SBK Protruding Mount, 3 Satin Black Blades Ceiling fan, Satin Black
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Controller Type: Wall Control
  • Air Flow Capacity: 10642 CFM
  • Size: 56"

This ceiling fan has a sleek design that will look great in any room. It is perfect for cooling off your home and opening up the space with breezy air with three blades. The Kichler 330025SBK Protruding Mount Ceiling Fan comes equipped with wall control, so you can easily switch between speeds without fiddling around on the remote or attempting to reach dusty chains behind furniture. It also features an elegant safety rating of CSA UL and Safety Listing: Dry.

The power source for this product comes from its corded electricity, which provides ease of use by not worrying about batteries running out or recharging them. And with all these great features, it's no wonder why they have made their Safety Rating CSA UL safety listed dry because we want everyone to feel safe while enjoying our products.

4. Kichler 2 Blades Ceiling Fan

Kichler 300160OBB 60-Inch Ferron Fan, Oil Brushed Bronze
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Air Flow Capacity: 6785 CFM
  • Size: 60"

The Kichler 300160OBB 60-Inch Ferron fan offers six different speeds and an excellent touch design. This 16in x 60in the corded electric model comes with a DC control system that turns the motor on or off, controls lights for full-range dimming, and provides light intensity (on/off). The CoolTouch DC Control System also includes two metal blades surrounded by twin curved glass panels, which are perfect for any room in your home.

The Kichler 2 blade ceiling fan is a great way to keep cool and comfortable this summer. The Oil Brushed Bronze finish makes the perfect accent for any room, while its size (34") allows for easy installation.

5. Kichler 9 Blades Ceiling Fan

Kichler 300265DBK Gentry 65inch Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Wall Control, Distressed Black
  • Available in Distressed Black color
  • Controller Type: Wall Control
  • Air Flow Capacity: 8061 CFM
  • Size: 65"

Kichler Gentry Ceiling Fan is perfect for those looking to add a distinctive flair to their home. The fan includes LED lights and wall control, corded-electric power source, light kit included, bulb included with the purchase of optional lamp type upgrade as well as an opal etched glass finish that will amplify any room you place it in. You'll love this distressed black steel ceiling fan.

The Kichler 300265DBK Gentry 65inch Ceiling Fan is an all-inclusive unit that comes with a light kit, bulb, and fan blade. The finish on this model is distressed black, which adds to the old-world style it provides. This beautiful piece of art will blend in elegantly with any decor you choose, so don't hesitate.

6. Best Black Option

Kichler 330016SBKS Basics Pro Premier 52in Ceiling Fan with LED Lights, Satin Black
  • Available in satin black color
  • Controller Type: Pull chain
  • Size: 52 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel

The black color and dark products are favorite and very close to heart. Keeping this thing in mind, the Kichler Company presents a beautiful black ceiling fan. It has five blades in satin black, and the alloy steel material is very long-lasting. Four bulbs are part of this ceiling fan and with black blades. They look incredibly outstanding. The professional experts finished this ceiling fan, and very attractive. The motor of this ceiling fan doesn't produce any harsh sound and creates a peaceful environment.

  • It is the most stable product.
  • None

7. Most Quiet Fan

Kichler 300352OZ Chiara 52in Hugger Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Wall Control, Olde Bronze
  • Available in old bronze color
  • Controller Type: Wall Control
  • Size: 52 inches
  • Material: Glass, Metal

The Kichler brand offers a farmhouse-style Hugger ceiling fan, and it can make everyone out of words. The wall control system is more manageable, and even old age people can also use it without any difficulty. The olde bronze finishing makes this ceiling fan industrial, and the design of the blade is very rare in the market. The LED system with a frosted opal globe reflects a beautiful and soothing light. The one-year warranty is not less than the security of the customer's investment. No one can imagine spending summers without a ceiling fan, and here it is the best product.

  • The surface of this ceiling fan is very smooth.
  • It is the best example of a universal ceiling fan.
  • None


By and large, this is the kind of information you need to have under your sleeve, to begin with, the purchase of this high-performing brand of ceiling fans. For sure, with all these ceiling fans, they are pretty good as a piece of decoration in any space and uplifts the quality of one's lifestyle.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from the links at no cost to you. You can learn more here.

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