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5 Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Reviews

Hampton Bay has long been a trusted manufacturer of ceiling fans. With over 30 years in the business, one company knows what they're doing to make innovative and stylish products for their customers. Hampton Bay can meet your needs with ease if you prefer something simple or want to be blown away by cutting-edge technology.

Hampton Bay brand is known for many products - from furniture pieces such as bedroom sets and living room suites. Ceiling fan enthusiasts have also found themselves relying on Hampton Bay's dependable ceilings models time after time again thanks to its modern designs coupled with old school craftsmanship quality artistry standards, which are hard to find, indeed.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Best Overall: Remote Control

Hampton Bay Southwind 52 in.Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan
  • Available in Venetian Bronze color
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • No. of Blades: 5
  • Size: 52 inches

This Hampton Bay ceiling fan with remote control. The Venetian bronze color is an elegant choice and the large size makes it perfect for rooms of all sizes. With five blades, this Hampton Bay can provide a cooling breeze in any room while also providing lighting to set your mood. Customers have found that they are satisfied with how well this product performs its duties as well - all without even needing batteries.

The 52 inches by 52 inches dimension means you'll never need another fan again: no matter where you go or what type of space there may be, either at home or work; 50 feet away from the nearest outlet? A perfect fan for those who do not want to see a chain controller in their next fan.

2. Runner Up: with Light

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in. White Ceiling Fan with Light
  • Available in white color
  • Controller Type: Pull Chain
  • Air Flow Capacity: 4670 CFM
  • Size: 52 Inches

This Hampton Bay ceiling fan is perfect for fans of any age with a sleek, white finish and five reversible blades with a low-profile design. With three different speeds to help you find the best airflow suited ideally for your needs, it provides quiet operation while also maximizing air movement so that there will never be an uncomfortable moment in your home again.

This five-blade wall-mountable Hampton Bay Hugger ceiling fan features three-speed settings which allow users to customize their experience by changing up how much or little wind they want blowing through their space - whether during those scorching summer days when all we need are cool breezes and some respite from our heatwave woes; wintertime where cozy warmth is more than just desired but necessary if not mandatory. A perfect Hampton Bay ceiling fan with lights and that too with a white shade. They are highly recommended from our side.

3. Best Hampton Bay Outdoor

Hampton Bay Stoneridge 52 in. LED Indoor Outdoor Bronze Hugger Ceiling Fan with Light Kit
  • Available in bronze color
  • Controller Type: Pull Chain
  • No. of Blades: 5
  • Size: 52 Inches

With Hampton Bay's design, you can expect the best. This Hampton Bay Stoneridge outdoor ceiling fan is no exception to this rule as it provides many unique features that would surely make your heart melt. With three speeds and an antique finish type, there are few things you won't love about this fantastic fan. The color, of course, will be a bronze one with primarily wood material used in its making for extra durability, just what we all need when spending our precious time outside on those hot summer days or nights. 

This Hampton Bay outdoor ceiling fan can provide you with all the features you have been looking for for a long time. Good addition to your lifestyle, indeed.

4. Best 5 Blades

Hampton Bay FBA_AL383-BN AL383-BN
  • Available in nickel color
  • Controller Type: Wall Control
  • Air Flow Capacity: ‎4670 CFM
  • Size: 52 Inches

This Hampton Bay fan is unlike any you have ever seen. With five blades, this powerful yet sleek and minimalist ceiling fan will be sure to make your home feel fresh even on the hottest day of summer. The reversible blade pattern also allows for two different finishes throughout the year with just a flip of a switch - perfect if you like variety in style (although I prefer it reversed). Its plug profile flush mount makes installation easy, and its whisper-quiet operation lets everyone sleep soundly through those hot nights.

5. Our Pick

Hampton Bay AM212-ORB Glendale 42 in. Indoor Bronze Ceiling Fan with Light Kit
  • Available in bronze color
  • Controller Type: Pull Chain
  • No. of Blades: 5
  • Size: 42 Inches

Hampton Bay Glendale ceiling fan is a beautiful addition to any room in the house with its sleek, modern design. You will love how much it brightens up your space while providing you with an inviting ambiance that's perfect for relaxation and enjoying time spent at home.

The Hampton Bay Glendale Ceiling Fan has everything you need from installation materials to light bulbs. This versatile fixture can be successfully used as either a stylish way of adding some ambient lighting into your living area or alternatively use this remarkable machine during those hot summer days when all you want is cool air circulating throughout the entire house. There's one sure fit for every décor style out there with many different color options available, so don't wait another minute before ordering yours.


You are that type of customer who wants products that are manufactured with the latest technology. Hampton Bay is good enough for customers who are always looking for something quite unique in their homes. Their fans are the best in the town, and you should definitely experience it.

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