5 Best 42 Inch Ceiling Fans Reviews

A range of 42-inch ceiling fans is available in the market, each having a difference in quality, working, mounting in the place, construction material, and control system. These highly sleek and modern 42-inches fans are perfect for indoor and outdoor places as they level up the place's ambiance. To get a perfect fan equipped with many features, one can just read the description of 5 top-rated ceiling fans. To make the selection process a fuss-free procedure for you, we've enlisted the easy-to-use and install ceiling fans below with all the information one would require while choosing the ideal fit for their place.

42 Inch Ceiling Fans Reviews

1. Best Overall

Hunter Builder Deluxe Indoor Ceiling Fan
  • Available in Bronze  color
  • Controller Type: Pull Chain 
  • Whisper Wind delivers ultra-powerful airflow
  • Size: 52 inches

Thus 42-inch ceiling fan manufactured by the Hunter Fan company is an ideal fit for the drawing rooms and even bedrooms due to its fully controlled and balanced airflow keeping the place ventilated. This bronze ceiling fan is flush mounted and comes with a pull chain to control; its speed and quickly turn it on. It gives an elegant look to the house because of its toffee glass covering. It is a fan that can be used in any weather, and it heightens the ambiance of the house with its highly equipped and energy-efficient LED kit.

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2. Runner Up

Westinghouse Lighting 7221600 Alloy Ceiling Fan, 42 Inch
  • Available in Brushed Nickel color
  • Controller Type: Wall Control
  • Air Flow Capacity: 2897 CFM  
  • Size: 42 inches

A ceiling fan with brushed finishing and nickel color is an ideal fit for indoor setups as it just levels up the beauty of the house and gives it the elegance one always looks for. This 42-inch ceiling fan with light comes with the manual for the customer’s ease, along with all the hardware required for its installation. It is mounted down-rod having an efficient and quiet performance for the customer’s comfort. This is a fan ideal for both winters and summers due to its reverse functioning motor. This circular wooden.

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3. Best Black

Hunter Sea Wind
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Controller Type: Pull chain
  • Air Flow Capacity: 4072 CFM
  • Size: 42 inches

This intricately designed ceiling fan by Hunter has the best and noiseless performance with a perfect ventilating capacity in any weather due to its downdraft and updraft mode. Hunter sea wind fan comes with the most accessible using feature of pull chain for speed regulation. This 42-inch outdoor ceiling fan can also be used in your bedrooms and lounges. This circular ceiling fan’s matte black color with the shiny bronze finishing heightens the overall look of the place where this fan is flush-mounted. This ceiling fan with easy surface-mounted installation comes with five blades that are enough to support its adjustable speed feature.

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4. Best Durability

Progress Lighting P2500-20
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Controller Type: Pull Chain
  • Air Flow Capacity: 2415 CFM
  • Size: 42 inches

This down-rod mounted ceiling fan with light has the best bronze finishing and a very vintage bronze color that is single-handedly enough to change the overall look of the place. This Progress Lighting wooden 42-inch flush mount ceiling fan requires no battery for proper functioning. It has the best UL accreditation to give the customer a sigh of relief and confidence over buying this ceiling fan. To prevent the customer from any hustle, this fan comes with the blades, and keeping in view the comfort and support for the customers, this fan comes with a warranty that lasts for more than a decade.

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5. Best Low Profile

Sofucor Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights 3 Carved Wood Fan Blade Noiseless Reversible Motor Remote Control With Light
  • Available in wood color
  • Controller Type: Remote control 
  • 6-speed reversible switch
  • Size: 52 inches

This 42-inch ceiling fan with a light flush mount has a perfect control through the remote makes it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor settings. It has installed LED light that uses the minimum energy, making it economical for the customer. Its 6-speed feature followed by triple blades seals the deal for the customer. This ceiling fan has a very quiet performance with ideal airflow. This ceiling fan has a very sleek body that gives your place a predefined and elegant look. To ensure customers’ trust in this fan, it has an ETL credential and the best working efficiency.

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With all the basic and elaborate tail about 42-inch ceiling fans, either down-rod mounted or flush-mounted, ideal for both indoor and outdoor places, ensure comfort to their customers. Now you can choose the ceiling fan of your choice by considering the place’s infrastructure and requirements. Having a detailed descriptive list of the 5 best 42 inch ceiling fans in front of you, there is a zero probability of making a faulty decision. So before making the last and final choice of ceiling fan, read the information so that you buy a fan that you would be pleased with and feel confident when recommending it to others.

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