5 Best Windmill Ceiling Fan Reviews of 2024 – (Smart Buying Guide)

Imagine arriving home on a hot summer day. As you enter your home, whether you’ve come home from work, school, or gym, one of the first things your body craves is a gust of wonderful, cool air that will relieve your whole body. Here we list our top nominees for the best windmill ceiling fans that will do the best job to help you chill as you laze around in your couch in the heat of the season. Not only that, but these windmill ceiling fans will also add a rustic, artistic touch to your homes’ ceilings whilst bringing the temperature down a notch for good.

Which style of the ceiling fan brings out the colors of your interior décor? And how can you choose the best rated windmill ceiling fan to fit your style without emptying your wallet?

Let’s read on to find out.

Windmill Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Best Overall

Progress Lighting P250000-081 Springer Ceiling Fans, Nickel
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Controller Type: Button Control
  • Powerful and quiet DC Motor
  • Size: 60"

Progress Lighting P250000-081 Ceiling Fan is powered by a potent and quiet DC motor. Progress lighting ceiling fans featuring white Barnwood finished blade. This is a great choice with a remote control to operate the fan with ease, featuring several speed settings and the option to change fan direction.


  • Works flawlessly, with zero wobbles and no noise at all from either the motor or the blades.
  • Has the potential to regulate the huge flow of air.
  • Its impressive stunning design will become a conversation starter with many of your guests.
  • Easy installation.


  • It doesn’t go at a very high speed.

2. Runner Up

Quorum 97215-86 Indoor Windmill Ceiling Fan in Oiled Bronze with Weathered Oak Blades
  • Color: Oiled Bronze
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • DC-165L Motor, 6 Poles
  • Size: 72"

There’s a reason why Quorum Indoor Windmill Ceiling fan tops our list. That is due to its hugely powerful 15 blades generate a smooth flow of air in your room, along with a remote control that allows you to regulate the air as you sit back. Quorum galvanized windmill fan not only adds the cool but brings about a touch of elegance to your home.


  • Available at a comparatively low price. Plus, you get to have free shipping.
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Excellent functionality with its powerful blades.
  • Comes with a light kit.


  • Can’t be fixed on a sloped ceiling.
  • Installation can be quite tricky if you go about it yourself. Chances are you’d require professional hands to assemble and fix the fan.
  • Remote controls are awesome. On the flip side, if the remote stops working, your fan follows suit.
  • Does not come with the down rod needed for the fan.
  • Suitable only for indoor use.

3. Our Pick

Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD Prairie II Windmill Energy Star 52 Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Hand Remote Control, 14 Wood Blades, Aged Pewter
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • DC Motor and Precision Balanced Blades
  • Size: 52", 62" and 72"

One of the key characteristics of a modern machine is how quietly it operates. This is especially true for fans which are infamous for creating quite a bit of noise. Monte Carlo solves this problem. The Monte Carlo Prairie II Ceiling Fan offers quiet and wobbles free operation with its 15 LED integrated technology. Its unique industrial look shows that this piece of engineering marvel is a powerful specimen. Flaunting 14 outdoor-use approved weathered oak blades, you can enjoy the cool equivalent to that of 6 average fans! All of which can be controlled using a speed-head remote control with reverse and light dimming functions. 


  • Well-made and sturdy.
  • Long and beautiful. A perfect blend that will blend in well with many different interior décor styles.
  • The far offsetting works incredibly well. Even in its most reduced setting, it gives off a powerfully cool breeze.
  • Available at affordable prices.
  • Overall, a great remote-operated fan.


  • It takes a while to pick up speed.
  • The light can use more power as its current inbuilt light setup is insufficient to brighten up an average-sized room.

More Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans Here

4. Stylish Design

60 Minka Aire Dream Star Oil Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Fan
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • 6 speed - reversible DC motor
  • Size: 60"

If powerful cooling is your primary goal then look no further than Minka-Aire F788L-ORB Ceiling Fan. Minka-Aire Dream Star 60” Ceiling fan regulates air superbly thanks to its massive blades spanning a huge length of its entire structure. These allow it to provide increased airflow over a large area.

The robust fan also comes with LED light and remote control. Keeping up with today’s modern design trends, Minka-Aire fans are embellished with a striking bronze finish.

See more 60 inches ceiling fans


  • Its huge blades provide smooth and powerful air regulation.
  • Inbuilt LED light gives a modern look.
  • Easy to operate with remote control.


  • None!

5. Great Pick

Windflower Indoor or Outdoor 12-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan 60in Graphite with 3000K LED Light Kit and Wall Control works
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Controller Type: Amazon Echo, SmartThings, Nest 
  • Completely silent DC motor
  • Size: 60" and 80"

No other fan represents advancement like Windflower Ceiling Fan. This smart fan is every modern tech fan’s dream come true. Equipped with smart technologies including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Eco bee, Windflower does more than just bring the temperature down — it sets the tech game up!

Allows free application downloads, and syncs with selective modern forms application to control fan speed. If you make the smart choice of choosing this fan for your home, you’ll also get to take advantage of features like adaptive learning, creating groups, and reducing energy costs. Plus, it is 70% more energy-efficient than normal fans which means that you get to help the environment too. How great is that!


  • Wall switch available for local control.
  • Touch panel wall control with modern forms fans app that you can purchase separately.
  • Amazingly quiet and supremely proficient.
  • Energy fans are factory-checked and sound tested to ensure that there’s no wobble.
  • Suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use.


  • None!

Windmill Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Windmill Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Ceiling fans do a lot more than cooling you up. It is a stylish focal point of your room, promotes comfort as it regulates and cools the temperature down, and beautifully illuminates your room. A great fan can also help you save energy. So how do you make the right choice and choose the best fan? Here are some key features to look at when buying your next windmill ceiling fan.


This is the first question you need to ask yourself — where are you planning to install the fan? Based on your answer, you’d have to make a selection based primarily on the functionality of the fan you buy.
In the outdoors, will you install in a covered space or will it likely be exposed to other elements?

Tip: Fans rated for outdoor use can also be used inside. They are ideal for high humidity areas, like laundry or workout rooms.


Modern, electric, farmhouse-inspired, highly detailed, or clean and simple, present-day ceiling fans come in different styles to fit any stylistic choice. Latest ceiling fans add a clean, minimalistic touch to open spaces traditional ceiling fans perfectly complement rooms with classic, elegant décor. Also, they’re often simple and sophisticated with minimal ornamentation.

Fan Blades Size

Fan blades determine the amount of air that’ll be circulated throughout the room. Fan blades typically have between a 12-15-degree plot for ideal flow, and they must be weighted and coordinated top revent any fan wobble.

It’s important to note that the quantity of blades doesn’t have much influence on fan performance. However, more blades do cost more!

Room and Fan Size Chart

Room Size

(in square feet)

fan size

(in inches)

0 - 75

0 - 36

76 - 114

36 - 42

145 - 225

42 - 50

226 - 360

50 - 54

360 - 500

54 - 70



Air Flow

For airflow, you need to make sure that your fan has a high CFM. This is what determines the potential of your fan to cool optimally cool the temperature in your room. The more air the fan moves, and the better its airflow efficiency. Look for at least 6,000 to 7,000 CFM for the best result.

The Motor

The motor is responsible for quiet operation. Motors with heavy-duty winding and sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated are preferable.

See DC Motor Ceiling Fans Here


Remote, wall controls, or even multiple controls can allow you to adjust lighting, speed, and direction of the blades with additional convenience.

Consider the Warranty

When you decide to buy a ceiling fan, search for a decent guarantee. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty and in-home service.

Know Where to Buy

As with many mechanical products, it is important to ensure that you entrust your purchase to a reputable seller in the event of any warranty or damage claim. Equally important is to talk to a company representative who has knowledgeable customer service associates that can provide invaluable guidance. Without proper knowledge and guidance, consumers often end up with the wrong product. Don’t let that be you!

Now that you have the list of some of the best windmill ceiling fans, you know exactly which fan to look for to adorn your living space. The choice you make will be based on your budget, stylistic choice, and installation considerations. Wishing you a cool summer with an awesome ceiling fan best suited for you!


So, which windmill ceiling fan are you going to select for your home? Which of the tips is your top consideration when it comes to selecting a durable and high-quality windmill ceiling fan? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from the links at no cost to you. You can learn more here.

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