Retractable Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

What is a Retractable Ceiling Fan?

Retractable ceiling fans are a good choice for the home and are a dominant selection for the bedrooms, drawing and dining rooms. This fan makes home different from the others.   

Retractable ceiling fans have retracted blades when the ceiling fan is not working and it is off, so the blades retract when turned on and cool down the environment, so the blades spread to the maximum length or space. This fan is the best example of creativity and unique style, and these ceiling fans can also be used for industrial purposes.   

How do retractable blade ceiling fans work?

How do retractable blade ceiling fans work Retractable Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

Like other ceiling fans, retractable ceiling fans are based on an electric motor. This motor helps in the spin motion. When the speed of the ceiling fan is high, the blades extend, and when the fan's speed is low, the blades retract. The airflow of the retractable ceiling fans is similar to the traditional fans. The airflow speed is powerful, just like the others, and the extension or retraction of the blades does not affect the airflow quality.   

Due to pitched blades, the airflow direction is very particular. The movement of the air is different in the summer and in winter. In the summer, blades move counterclockwise, and the air is pushed downward below the fan. Whereas in the winter, it is the opposite, the blades move clockwise, and the air is pushed upward.   

  • Blades Extension 

    The posts are fixed, which controls the over-extension of the retractable ceiling fan. All the blades are attached with a center ring so that when any single blade is pushed up or down, it will also apply to all the other blades. The center ring is not dependent on the other thing and is movable. The blades are connected to the electric motor, and electric current produces the centrifugal force and starts the movement. The stronger the centrifugal force, the more blades extend from the central axis.   
  • Blades Retraction 

    When the ceiling fan speed gets slow, the posts are pressed, the ceiling fan blades retract, and the centrifugal force becomes less. In the retraction, spring is involved. The spring has two arms; arm 1 fixes the spring's position, and arm 2 is movable when the blade is open, and the post is pressed, so arm 2 also moves to tighten the coils of the spring.   

Is Retractable Ceiling Fan a Good Alternative to Ceiling Fan?

Retractable ceiling fans are an excellent alternative to ceiling fans because these are preferable for large spaces or rooms. The style and these decorative retractable ceiling fans catch the attention and require less maintenance. These are suitable substitutes due to energy saving, high airflow and aesthetic design over the traditional ceiling fan. Change is good, and retractable ceiling fans are a good change for the home and offices.   

Retractable Ceiling Fans Pros

Retractable Ceiling Fans Pros Retractable Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons
  • Design and Style 

    Retractable ceiling fans are rare, and they differ from the others. The design of these ceiling fans attracts visitors and insists on passing the compliments due to the ceiling fans' finishing, aesthetic and creativity.   
  • High Quality Material 

    Retractable fans are made with good quality material and high-end finishing, which help to increase the fan's lifespan. These are heavy and are substantial ceiling fans.   
  • Less Noisy 

    Noise can create a disturbance, and there is an advantage that retractable ceiling fans are not noisy. These are quiet during the performance. 
  • Less Maintenance 

    Due to retracted blades, ceiling fans attract less dust than traditional ceiling fans. In this regard, these fans need less maintenance and cleaning.   

Retractable Ceiling Fans Cons

Retractable Ceiling Fans Cons Retractable Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons
  • Less Varieties 

    As retractable ceiling fans are newly discovered, fewer varieties and styles are available in the market. Over time, more types will likely be available.   
  • Difficult Cleanliness 

    The cleaning and service of the retractable ceiling fans need time due to retracted blades. It takes not only time but also effort to shine again.  
  • Complicated Installation 

    The set of these ceiling fans is a bit complicated and time-consuming compared to traditional ones. It needs professional help or proper guidelines.   

Are Retractable Ceiling Fans Worth It?

Yes, retractable ceiling fans are worth it; although the varieties are fewer and the setup is complicated, these are highly designed and manufactured ceiling fans. These can give a low profile look to the room, and the room's ceiling will be more visible to the eyes. Good airflow is enough to satisfy the buyer; moreover, these ceiling fans are also suitable for large and small rooms.

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