How to Ventilate a Bathroom Without Windows

Why Ventilation is Important 

Bathroom ventilation is essential in every aspect. Without ventilation, there would be higher chances of moisture and mist, which can destroy the beauty and mood of the homeowner as well. A few advantages of bathroom ventilation are described below.   

  1. Bad Odor 

Some people, or even everyone, can't tolerate the bathroom's bad odor or unpleasant smell. For this purpose, ventilation is compulsory, which speedily decreases the bad odor; otherwise, it will take one or more extended time to go from the bathroom.   

  1. Prevent Presence of Bacteria 

Bacteria can grow more rapidly than any other organism; they can grow even in the presence or absence of oxygen and can harm humans in different ways. Some bacteria are pathogenic, meaning they are disease-causing. In this way, it is essential to make sure they're absent from the bathroom because a bathroom is a place that is usually humid, and moisture is available, which is a favorite thing for bacteria to grow. Ventilation helps to make the bathroom disease free.   

  1. Reduce Slippery Incidents 

Water use is compulsory in the bathroom, leading to many incidents because of slippery floors. Not only water, moisture which the naked eye cannot see, can make anyone slip. So, the bathroom must be dry and free from moisture, and the best solution is ventilation. Ventilation allows air to enter and helps to make the bathroom dry and a safe place to use. 

  1. Moisture Leads to Fungus 

The primary cause of mold or fungus is moisture. Fungus form quickly by just absorbing water and under environmental conditions. In humid conditions, water droplets form fungus and disrupt the bathroom environment. To prevent fungus production, the best way is bathroom ventilation. A few side effects of fungus are given below, which help to let us know how important it is to ventilate the bathroom.   

Side Effects of Fungus or Mold 

  • Skin Rash 

The bathroom is where people take showers, and fungus can go into the skin or react with it. It can cause skin rash, red spots, irritation, and swelling on the skin as well.   

  • Eye Irritation 

Eye itching is the primary cause of mold in the bathroom, and in the case of rubbing the eyes, it can create irritation in the eye. If proper treatment isn't taken, the eye infection can increase.   

How to Ventilate a Bathroom Without Windows Side Effects of Fungus or Mold
  • Lung Problem 

Not only fungus, if ventilation is not part of the bathroom, but it can also cause disturbance in inhaling and produce excess mucus in the body and lungs couldn’t be performed well.   

  • Discomfort 

Mold decreases the lifespan of the home and the bathroom and creates discomfort in the environment.   

How to ventilate a Bathroom without windows 

Sometimes it is impossible to build a bathroom window in the bathroom because of some privacy or space issues. So, it is compulsory to ventilate a bathroom without windows; some people think that is impossible.   

Nothing is impossible now. Numerous ways and sources are available that help ventilation; a few are given below.   

  1. Exhaust Fan 

Exhaust fans can be installed in the windows and bathrooms as well. It is the primary and best way which helps a lot in the ventilation. It helps to maintain the environment of the bathroom. Exhaust fans throw the air outside, which also throws excess moisture and bad odor from the bathroom. The latest types of exhaust fans are available with light, Bluetooth, and music systems. It is an inexpensive way, but installation can be tricky.   

  1. Addition of Plants 

The plantation is the natural way to ventilate the bathroom. Plants take moisture from the surroundings and make the bathroom dry. They are also known as biological filters because plants help filter the air and minimize its harmful substance. They also have a natural fragrance, which makes the bathroom smell or odor recessive.    

  1. Dehumidifier 

A dehumidifier is the most recommended source for the ventilation of the bathroom. It is a device that works on the principle of condensation. It absorbs the moisture from the bathroom and lessens the humidity, and saves in the reservoir. Different dehumidifiers are available, and these are not expensive and affordable.   

  1. Open Doors 

Please do not close the bathroom doors; it may cause suffocation and unpleasant odors. Let the fresh air in the bathroom, and it maintains the temperature of the bathroom and cools down the environment. It not only cools down but also helps make the bathroom dry rapidly. What can be best for ventilation than open doors? 

  1. Do not Hang or Dry Towels in the bathroom 

A bathroom must be clean and tidy and free from towels and clothes. The more things in the bathroom, the more it creates suffocation and moisture. Towels are thick in stuff and absorb the water in the bathroom and create odor, so try to free the bathroom from it and do not dry it in the bathroom. If the towels dry in the bathroom, it releases water vapors into the environment, which also causes mold.   

  1. Wipe the Splashes of Water 

After a shower, face wash, and other things, there must be water splashes on the wall, etc. Where do water splashes go after some time? It becomes vapors in the environment and creates moisture. So, make it a habit to wipe the splashes and the drop of water before leaving whenever you get free from the bathroom. 

  1. Placement of Ceiling Fan 

How to Ventilate a Bathroom Without Windows ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is standard in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, but why do you not consider placing it in the bathroom?   

What can be better than ceiling fans? The ceiling fan is the best source of ventilation; not only this, but they also provide an enormous amount of air in the bathroom and light. Because ceiling fans are now available in different lighting modes, they are straightforward to install and maintain the bathroom and human body temperature by their performance.

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