How to Hide Kitchen Vent Pipe

The kitchen vent removes all the odors, vapors, smoke, and other things like heat from the area. It is a device like a pipe that professionals can install with the help of screws and brackets.  

Why is it Necessary to Hide Kitchen Vent Pipe? 

If the kitchen vent pipe is not appropriately hidden, it can cause a sore in the eyes and allergy reactions. Moreover, visible vent pipes can clog it and cause a fire in the area. That is why it is necessary to hide the kitchen vent pipe properly.   

Methods to Hide Kitchen Vent Pipe 

There are many ways to easily hide the kitchen vent pipe with little effort and care. It helps to maintain the kitchen, safety, and beauty as well. A few top ideas are given below, which are convenient to follow.   

  • False Wall or Cabinets

False Wall or Cabinets How to Hide Kitchen Vent Pipe


False walls are commonly used for different purposes, like making a place more productive, hiding something, showing creativity, and many more reasons are available. There is a false wall involved to hide the kitchen vent pipe. Hiding the vent pipe is not so easy because of its size and because of the permanent wall of the home. False walls quickly cover the pipe, and not only the pipe. These can be used in homes in different places to give a sleek look.   

Cabinets are mostly part of every kitchen to store the kitchen stuff like crockery, pans, etc. So, there is no drawback if someone wants to cover the vent pipe by building a cabinet. It is a DIY method; just cut the perfect size cabinet, and the vent pipe can be hidden. It helps to maintain the ventilation system.   

  • Soffit – An interesting idea

A box can be made around the pipe, a few diameters more significant than the kitchen vent pipe. Measurements are compulsory because they can lead to a waste of struggle and hard work. Soffit is preferable because it is one of the durable materials and can remain stable during humidity, moisture, and other things. It is straightforward to make a box because it is easy to cut. Wide varieties are available to choose from in colors and styles.   

  • Try Fabric to Cover the Pipe 

Fabric is one of the materials that offer the most designs and eye-catchy colors. If someone wants to not rush in the struggle like cabinets, or false walls, so can consider this idea. The fabric helps to cover the vent pipe area easily without breaking back or banking. It does not need any carpenter because you can easily handle fabric.   

  • Paint the Pipe 

Are you looking forward to a more accessible way and less time-consuming? Here you go!  

Just paint the vent pipe with the matching of the kitchen walls. Homeowners can also use the contrast color to the pain of the vent pipe. Different paint options are in the market; always go for an oil-based paint but as a reminder, keep in mind that moisture can disrupt this idea and cause oxidation. It is not preferable with a moisture environment. Go for that which is better for the kitchen. 

  • Tapestry and Other Material  

Suppose someone does not want to remodel the kitchen or any instruction, so the tapestry method can also be considered. The tapestry can be hung over the pipe to hide it, and curtains can be used as a substitute for the tapestry. Both of these are less expensive and take just a few minutes, and the pipe will be invisible to the eyes.   

  • Try Ceiling for Vent Installing 

Routing the kitchen vent pipe through the ceiling, like underground wiring, is the most exciting and permanent method. It is the best way for someone renovating the home to install the kitchen vent under the ceiling than other ways. It doesn’t damage the beauty of the kitchen and the house and doesn’t cause any leakage.   

Try Ceiling for Vent Installing how to hide kitchen vent pipe
  • Other Ways can be Followed

Not only these, but a few hacks are also present, such as hiding the vent pipe with the help of the wallpaper, and artificial plants, which make the kitchen cool in appearance and enhance the decoration. Many decorative covers in different stuff can cover the pipe, so one can guess there is a vent pipe behind this decorative cover.   

Become more creative and always look for unique and eye-catching ideas because it is not impossible to do anything new in this Cenozoic era.


Kitchen vent pipes are ubiquitous and have many benefits, as this pipe removes smoke and odor and makes the home safe. The problem is the visible kitchen vent pipe; for this purpose, handy and permanent ideas are present in this world that help to hide the vent pipe. Some are tricky and hard working, like vents through the ceiling, and some are inexpensive, like tapestry and paint. More than this, many ideas are described above, with some details in this article to elaborate.

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